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Forum Rules, Feedback, and Suggestions / Re: Happy Birthday TehBias!
« on: April 14, 2015, 12:09:42 PM »
Those filthy lying cakes!  I now have too many candles to fit on an average cake.  I don't know if that's bad (too many candles) or good (caaaaaaaake!).

We don't even see much activity on the G+ community, but at least we are all staying in touch one way or another. :) I have been busy with school.  I have a new-ish Wii U and Mario Kart 8 begging to get into some competition (hey, I figure I can hold down last place for y'all :D ), but just haven't had much time to myself. 

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Wii U thread
« on: September 07, 2013, 04:00:08 PM »
I wonder if those DVD drives are harvested, or if they're new.  It might be worth picking up another Wii to mod if someone is giving one away with a dead DVD drive, as $30 is a cheap fix.  (I recently bought a 50" Sony LCD rear projection HDTV with a bad optical block--$40 bought the TV, $90 fixed it, and I have a $2300 TV to use for a few years until I can afford a real one. :D )

After having had the Wii with the external HDD, I wouldn't go back to discs unless I absolutely had to.  It is nice having all the games available from a menu (likely because I'm lazy :D ).  And they don't get screatched up.

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: DScussion
« on: September 07, 2013, 03:49:50 PM »
I wish I still had the eyesight I had when I bought the Micro.

I can certainly relate. *sigh*  I use reading glasses now, but it is getting to where the gauges in the car are getting fuzzy.   Time for bifocals?  Probably.

I still have the kids' GBA SP here, and the DS Lite still plays the GBA carts, so I'm set.  I did pick up four free GBA games via the local Freecycle just for kicks. 

My white DS Lite was the victim of kids visiting the house, a blanket, and the DS being left open on the couch...

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: DScussion
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:51:33 PM »
Well, here is the seller I bought it from. Shipping from Hong Kong took a little bit, but I wasn't in a hurry. The seller has quite a few different listings at different prices, so you may save a dollar or two if you browse the listings a little. For the money, I have no complaints.

I would utilize some of the how-to videos on YouTube rather than use the link for the online guide they include. It is OK, but the videos are superior and you won't run into too many problems if you follow them.

My original DS Lite (in white) has the busted hinge also, but it appears your seller has gone AWOL--still listed, but nothing more for sale.

I had figured I would get one of those Zelda style gold DS shells, but only if the quality is good.  Even if I don't use the DS much, at least it will be intact and ready to use, rather than collecting dust somewhere.  For that matter, I don't even remember where I stashed it during the last move.

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Wii U thread
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:46:01 PM »
Rudy, that's a great idea for using the Wii now that I have a WiiU. Time to mod.

If you plan on doing it, read a lot of the online guides, and take your time.  There are certain games you need to unlock the "bug" needed to crack the Wii so you can install what you need.  I am pretty sure (from what I remember) that most of it revolves around the Homebrew Channel.  I never was able to get it to work properly, but you can use your drive in the Wii to backup games to an attached USB drive, and then use a USB Loader (like WiiFlow, or USB Loader GX) to access the games.  Someone was also working on a way to have it play GameCube discs from a USB drive but it hasn't been perfected yet. 

I've actually had to use it to play back Amazon streaming video, as that is one service that my WDTV Live Streaming Media Player does not yet offer.  I am using it mainly to stream old TV series (currently watching Mission: Impossible), so the lack of surround isn't an issue.  The WDTV has Netflix and others, so I'm set there.

You would also need a larger SD card--that is where you install most things at.

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:33:50 PM »
Emily's enjoying it here.  She preordered, and picked it up on release day.  I don't even have a 3DS as of yet.  Seeing how little I even play the DS anymore, it may not even be worth it for the few games I miss.

Looking good here!

I am at war with Tapatalk on a few forums I run also (for security and permissions concerns)--our next forum upgrade has a built-in "responsive" version that works across any device.  I prefer having an automatic mobile view rather than making visitors download anything, so this works out great here! 

If you can get rid of our 90 degree heat with 80% humidity, I'd give you extra points. :D

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Do you still play the Wii?
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:46:02 PM »
The emulation is neat, as is having the ability to run games from a hard disk.  I'm trying to figure out how to make it work so I can also use GameCube games from the hard disk--they now have it working, but I can't get it to work on my own Wii just yet.  It is better than the way the discs all seem to be left out and fall on the floor around here.

To first jump into modding the Wii, it is overwhelming out there.   You also need a specific game to unlock the "bug" that allows the back door to start modding.  But for me it has been well worth it.  Follow their instructions to the letter and you'll have no problems at all.  I used one of the Lego Star Wars titles, IIRC. 

I only wish the Wii had WPA rather than WEP for wireless security.  Currently, I have a separate subnet setup on my network for the Wii and my DS Lite, so I don't have to expose my main network to any security weaknesses. 

Technology / Re: Anyone get invited to Google+ ?
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:40:12 PM »
I wondered why G+ suggested I follow a "Neil R." Makes more sense now. I'm a'following you.

I see a few unfamiliar names myself, but made the connection here (especially where we see a common thread between them).

One disturbing thing is seeing some contacts from my past (which bubble up from past emails) showing up as recommended in G+.  Thankfully, no old girlfriends... :D

Technology / Re: You Spin Me Right Round, Baby: Vinyl Appreciation
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:38:45 PM »

I've tried the glue method before.  Can't say it improved the record that much (I think it's just beyond its usefulness :D ) but it did get the crud out of the grooves. 

Hoping to pick up some work soon or get a much better job once I'm done with school in May: the stylus is worn out on the cartridge.  Best I can find for a replacement is $250-$300, or I am eyeing a new cart that is around $700 (the Ortofon 2M Black). 

Masturbation for hipster audiophiles.  High bit rate, lossless codecs FTW!!! 


Get back here for your beating!  :D

I actually can't stand the sound of CD-quality digital.  I realized it was causing headaches: I was gritting my teeth from what I realized was the jagged top end of the spectrum, something I didn't do when listening to SACD, higher bitrates or vinyl.  (If you see what a raw 44.1kHz/16-bit signal looks like at higher frequencies, it looks like a sawtooth waveform, which sounds rather nasty.)

One thing that has helped: I'm trying a tube buffer stage (a Musical Fidelity X10-D) that improves impedance matching between the CD player and the preamp.  The vacuum tubes (a pair of new old stock Matsushita/National 7DJ8s) really improved the sound quite a bit, but I still hear that distortion.  I have a Cambridge DACMagic (a digital-to-analog converter) coming my way in a few weeks that will help.  Since I am now streaming a lot from my NAS to a WD TV Live (which has only a crappy analog output, or SPDIF optical digital output), I can take the output of both the disc player (Pioneer Elite DV-45A) and the WD TV Live and run them through the DACMagic. 

Of the lossy codecs, I prefer WMA (or M4A) over MP3.  WMA has a lot of support in the devices I own (car in-dash player, Zune portables, a Sony player, and a Pioneer DV578A).  I keep them all in the Zune library, which is in a separate share on my NAS. 

I will say that moving 1.5GB of numerous data files from various computer drives to the NAS is a major PITA, but it's nice being able to stream a movie (up to 1080p) or music to any networked device in the house.

Technology / Re: You Spin Me Right Round, Baby: Vinyl Appreciation
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:20:36 PM »
Pieter, are those used copies?  I have those two myself (Joshua Tree is desert island stuff here at Casa Rudy). 

I've been on a bit of a binge lately--I picked up three Mobile Fidelity "silver" series titles, and a handful of used ones.  I don't have too much in the way of recent recordings but I will say that the few I have do sound better on vinyl.  Something about it takes the edge off of what I don't like about digital (although I am looking at adding a new DAC or a tube buffer stage to help with that). 

And as for the Beatles vinyl reissues:  don't bother...unless you can get the versions pressed in the EU.  The US pressings are a shambles.  I bought two of them (Rubber Soul and Revolver) and...one of the tracks on Revolver had a skip in it, and "Eleanor Rigby" has an odd scratch in it from mishandling. The vinyl is also noisy, and one or two of the sides are off-center.  I got these from a third-party seller who clued me into something: he told me to file an Amazon A to Z Guarantee claim.  To my surprise, Amazon issued me an instant gift certificate for the full order price! 

I later ordered Past Masters and Magical Mystery Tour from Amazon UK to get the EU pressing.  Dead quite background, all on center, no odd scratches or skips...damn near perfect. 

Rumor has it Amazon.ca is shipping EU copies now, due to the complaints.  Maybe that will wake up EMI to find a better plant to press these at in the US.

Technology / Re: Anyone get invited to Google+ ?
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:13:23 PM »
I've seen a few of you pop up as recommended over in my G+ account.  If a "Neil R" contacts you there...that's me.  ;)  I still have a thing about using a real name in so public a place...one reason I mainly just lurk on FB now myself!  Thing is, so many friends and schoolmates use FB almost as their sole means of keeping in touch, so I'm more or less using it only when I have to.

General Pop Culture / Re: Pixar discussion
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:10:13 PM »
My favorite is Monsters Inc., and we went to see it when it made the rounds in 3D a couple of months ago.

I haven't seen a couple of them yet, but overall I just can't warm to Finding Nemo.  I actually like Cars a little better, mainly for the automotive references, but I agree the story isn't quite as good as the others.  It doesn't matter though--I'll still watch any Pixar movie that I can!

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Do you still play the Wii?
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:01:15 PM »
OK, hopping in to reply to myself from a three year old post...  ;)

Having played through Skyward Sword once, and started a second run-through, it is easily my favorite Zelda game.  I actually did not get very far in Twilight Princess (Wii) and got a bit bored with it--it just seems like a rehashing of the two N64 era games.  But in Skyward Sword, having a Motion Plus controller is required, so I bought one locally from a Craigslist seller.  I had another Wiimote with the Motion Plus add-on, but it was erratic (and yes, I made sure it was locked in place).  When we used it, we were always stopping part way through Wii Sports Resort to calibrate it.

The control of the sword in Skyward Sword is uncanny though.  It is eerie to see the motion of the sword exactly mimicking my every move...slow, fast, it follows it precisely.  Those little nuances helped when playing this game.

This past Xmas, too, I scored an entire Beatles Rock Band setup (two guitars, drums, mic and game) for $90.  The extra guitar alone cost $100 new, IIRC!  Having a blast playing all the Rock Band games, along with quite a few I've downloaded.  Hardest song ever:  "Rude Mood" by Stevie Ray Vaughan in Expert mode...dare ya to try it! :D

Nintendo Console Gaming / Re: Wii U thread
« on: February 23, 2013, 12:54:58 PM »
I already had NSMBU (ain't it about time to stop calling it "New"?) ...

Next up: "ALL New SMBU2?" :D

I would not mind a new console but having done so much with the old Wii now, it makes no sense for me. I have it modded to run the games from a hard disk (so the originals are stored safely away), and have a few other things like emulators for the old NES and SNES games installed.  It's a kick to be able to play something silly like Snake Rattle & Roll again!  The emulators and ROMs are a cinch to find online.  There are even emulators for Sega Genesis, GameBoy Advance and I think there may even be one for the ancient TurboGrafx system (or whatever it was called--wasn't that an NEC product?).  All I need is Pong and I'm set! :D

The kids each got a 3DS from their mom for Xmas.  Interesting system (and I really like the 3D Angry Birds), but while wearing glasses, notice the image can get a bit vague  for me at times.  That makes me wonder if I could even use the WiiU: would I need to get bifocals?  Looking at a screen across the room vs. the touchscreen, for me, would mean I'm constantly having to remove my glasses otherwise.

There isn't much in the way of games for me yet--a new Wind Waker isn't exactly a new Zelda game, and I prefer the new (all new? :D ) 3D-style SMB games like Sunshine or Galaxy vs. the "classic" side-scrollers (although I've had fun with the NSMB Wii title).  Outside of Rock Band and Skyward Sword, I haven't even played the Wii much anyway.

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