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Author Topic: Zune  (Read 28922 times)


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Re: Zune
« Reply #150 on: March 15, 2011, 01:50:22 AM »

I have the 120G Zune, and it's not enough--I'd like to find one of those 240GB Toshiba drives and do a transplant.  Still, 120GB is a good hefty chunk I can carry around with me.  I wouldn't even mind a second one just for video. 

I am also afraid of what I'm going to do when the battery wears out.  And if the Zune were to die completely, there's nothing comparable out there that I know of.  Agreed on the sound--I listen over some semi-price in-ear monitors and the sound is nice and clean.

I see Zunes all the time on Craigslist.  Surprisingly, I mostly see the old 30GB hard-drive models.  I got my daughter a 4GB Zune for her birthday a couple of years ago that was only around $30-$35, IIRC.  I may jump on an 80GB or 120GB if I see it at a good price.
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