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Author Topic: PSP online details (friends list, chat, etc.)  (Read 1385 times)

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PSP online details (friends list, chat, etc.)
« on: March 13, 2005, 01:32:28 PM »

OK, it's not the gaming online, but at least a partial preview of the real wi-fi.


ATV Off-Road Fury had many of the same modes, plus one cool extra mode. Instead of connecting up to the game player lobby, the wireless mode menu for ATV included Ad-Hoc, Online, and Online Community. This online mode connects to the ATV web community outlet, allowing players to check scores, add friends to their ATV buddy list, chat, and much more. Chat was a feature shared by Twisted Metal -- when you want to talk with somebody, you pop up the chat menu, which includes the same PSP on-screen keyboard (something like a phone keyboard, navigated with the D-Pad or analog nub) as is used to set up your system name. This being a global feature for all PSP games, we're wondering if USB keyboard support or other types of chat input might either be part of the PSP online mode or else addable with a later PSP upgrade. We asked Logitech their plans for a PSP keyboard or microphone, and while they still have a number of projects under wraps, we got the feeling that they were caught unaware by how aggressive SCEA has been with online features this early on, and are still working to get together solutions for this Infrastructure mode.